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Create stunning interactive emails in minutes.

All the tools you need to create amazing content without coding or extra services. Your products look and sell better with tinyEmail.

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World's most powerful email builder. With or without code.

Create stunning, responsive and interactive emails without touching a line of code. Don't hate code? We have a robust code editor built right into the platform that gives you all the control you would want.

It's your brand — like magic.

tinyEmail takes your brand assets and customises a collection of prebuilt templates for you so you are ready to go within minutes. Change your Brand Kit once and all your templates automatically change to match.

An entire creative studio built in.

Cut the bill with online image editing tools. tinyEmail comes with an entire image studio — add stickers, text, icons and apply filters without ever leaving your workflow.

Insert products from your store with just a link.

Insert your products right into your messages with just a URL and simple information and see it transform into a clickable, interactive card that fits right into your message body.

Create messages that can adapt to your display rules

Easily hide, replace or modify parts of your message to better suit the device it is being opened in. Drive more clicks by customizing the layout, call-to-action and design for different devices.

Create and reuse custom and prebuilt content modules.

Save any section of your message or content blocks so you can use them later. Change once, your blocks get updated universally. Or use predesigned content modules.

Make your brand shine with stunning email templates

Our 50+ (and growing) library of pre‑designed templates gives you all the content blocks and designs you need to launch a professional‑looking campaign in minutes.

Send interactive messages with AMP for email.

Forget emails that look nice but doesn’t do much else. Include interactive elements like countdown timers, carousels, forms and more with native support for AMP.


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Countdown timers​

Add an element of urgency in your messages by including dynamic countdown timers to a set expiry date and time in the future.

Interactive carousels​

Showcase multiple products in a single row using interactive carousels so your readers can navigate through them by swiping or clicking.

Surveys and polls​

Capture reader inputs to surveys, polls, and feedback forms directly from an email without needing your readers to click through.

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