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Engage better and sell more to your audience

Audience engagement tools that let you personalize and deliver contextually relevant messages.

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Deliver meaningful experiences through personalized and dynamic content

Create peronalized experiences for your audience with dynamic messages that build trust, inspire clicks and generate sales.

Create unique audiences based on granular tags and filters

Combine subscriber information fields, tags, purchase history and previous engagement to create highly targeted audiences that you can then personalize your messages to.

Attribute sales to campaigns and then double down on ROI

Send campaigns that convert with compelling interactive elements and then track, attribute and optimize your messaging based on true ROI, sales impact and revenue.

Engage instantly with interactive messages and data capture

Whether you’re welcoming new subscribers or promoting your products, tinyEmail comes with tools to make your brand shine. Engage better with your audience, build better relationships and sell more.

Run surveys, ask questions, gather feedback

Add complex data modules to your messages right from your drag and drop builder. Collect user feedback, interaction feeds and do more with your email and integraitons.

Make better connections by changing message elements and sender identities

Send your messages from team members that are most relevant to the audience your are connecting with. Hide or show specific elements in your email based on where it is opened.

Drive action even before subscribers open your messages

Drive action and sales even before your subscribers open your email using Gmail’s promotional annotations. When you send deals and promotions using tinyEmail, your messages can stand out among the noise and generate more clicks and sales.

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